Bone Graft Cements – Features and Clinical Benefits

With more than 100 pages and dozens of clinical cases, this E-Book provides a comprehensive explanations on the work with Bone Graft Cements.


Section 1 | Biphasic Calcium Sulfate Overview

The research behind calcium sulfate and the technology behind Biphasic Calcium Sulfate.

Section 2 | Features & Clinical Benefits

How the characteristics of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate are reflected from a clinical perspective.

Section 3 | Radiographic Appearance

How does a true bone regeneration look in the radiographic apperance with references to socket grafting, lateral augmentation, sinus lift and gap filling.

Section 4 | Bone Graft Cements – Surgical Protocols

5 bone graft cement protocols with a step-by-step instructions, expert tips and links for instructional videos and more information.

The surgical protocols covered are:

  1. Socket Grafting with 4 bony walls
  2. Socket Grafting without 4 bony walls
  3. Lateral Ridge Augmentation
  4. Closed Sinus Lift
  5. Open Sinus Lift

Clinical cases by the Bone Cement Expert David Baranes, DMD.