Prospective randomized controlled clinical trial to compare hard tissue changes following socket preservation using alloplasts, xenografts vs no grafting: Clinical and histological findings

Purpose: To compare dimensional changes and bone quality of two different grafting materials used for socket preservation.
Materials and Methods: Thirty-three patients requiring extraction were recruited and randomly assigned to receive: biphasic calcium sulfate/ hydroxyapatite (BCS/HA); bovine derived xenograft (BDX) or no grafting (Control). Ridge width (at −3 and −6 mm) and vertical distance from a stent were measured at the time of extraction/grafting. Measurements were repeated at reentry and core biopsies were harvested. Conclusions: BCS/HA may be used as the material of choice for socket preservation with similar and sometimes even better results compared to BDX. The significance of the greater residual scaffold found in the BDX group on implant placement in these sites is yet to be determined.   Machtei_et_al-2019-Clinical_Implant_Dentistry_and_Related_Research copy

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